Repetition a quarts: the time of the wonderful rhyme space

"The creator keeps the history repeating itself, like the rolex replica watches clocks," he wrote in 200 years ago, in the Gottingen physicist and writer Georg Christoph Lichtenberg's famous quote. At that time, the watch master Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris to improve the time to ask the watch, make it more compact and accurate, and add the melody spring. At that time, the watchmaker has to pay attention to the uk replica watches due to mistakenly press the press button to mistaken the problem. Eventually, Daniel Quare successfully developed a "all or nothing safety" of the mechanical device, to solve the problem. However, the invention was untimely, in the 19th century, the British Joseph Swan invented the light bulb, the first time to ask the rolex uk to find the invention, is to facilitate the night or not clear in the case, still able to know from the time of hearing time The Since there is a light, when the watch has gradually become a symbol of the identity of the rich, asked the form of pure view with the general shape of the watch, respectively, on the left side of the small buttons, and hidden in the dial under a number of small machinery part. Today, these questions are still able to withstand the real watch professional knowledge of the test. Munich watchmaker, CHRONOSWISS soul - Geld-Rudiger Lang Langer, was asked to watch the past, moved to decide to add a fun new chapter to the history of the watch. His production of the Repetition a quarts out of the timetable, jump out of the "mechanical charm" ("Faszination der Mechanik") of the traditional ticking frame, proved in the beginning of the 21st century has a sound stage to ask the watch. Only 10 o'clock when the time of the press button to gently press, accurate and unique melodious music when the music will sound every 15 minutes, the two news schedule is the world's only automatic on the newspaper, Repetition a quarts two times the birth of the timetable, thanks to a number of well-known mechanical experts in close cooperation. In addition to the use of CHRONOSWISS Ruibao watch factory developed C.126 self-winding movement, but also combined with the Jurassic Valley (Vallee de Joux) to produce complex components well-known manufacturer Dubois Depraz, for the Repetition a quarts R & D E94 component (all or nothing safety), this unique look of the watch components, inlaid with eight stones, 28 mm in diameter. Two small hammer in the two has been adjusted good sound of the ring gong, knock out ("bite"), engraved ("bite - when") when the time grace rhyme. Repetition a quarts two times the timetable unique crisp wonderful rhyme can be described as a non-ink can be heard, only to be aware of its outstanding, together with the unique shape, CHRONOSWISS Ruibao watch dedicated "Breguet Conique Squelette" pointer, show Quaint charm, is a classic collection from Munich, Germany.